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Here’s the web address for a new journal,’The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society,’ published by the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

The premier issue features articles by Leon Kass, Victor Davis Hansen, Peter Lawler and others.

No doubt, it is part of the vast, Straussian, Neo-Con, Leo-Con conspiracy.

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No this isn’t a conspiracy. But sometimes the stuff that is discussed would sound like a conspiracy if it wasn’t a fair characterization of actual positions(which it is). I highly recommend the article by Charles T. Rubin entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature." I have been following these Transhumanists for quite some time, they have very interesting ideas and insights and at best make for very interesting science fiction, see David Zindell’s a "Broken God".

They do advocate "uploading"(human mind transfered to computers) as well as all sorts of other human/technological mergers that would absolutely alarm most conservatives, or decent people of all sort, perhaps. Technically Transhumanists also run the ideosphere, which I mentioned before, in connection with betting on future events. These people are well educated and are not alienated from the technology that makes a blog such as this one function. These are the sort that make 128 bit encryption and work for Microsoft and control the high tech occupations in California. Moravec (mentioned in the article is just the tip of the iceburg.) he has worked for NASA, The office of Naval research and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. You just have to look into this stuff to believe it. Fascinating... Of course as everything starts to become science fiction, (which means as humans we are not able to explain or understand our environment) we can expect more and more people to believe in conspiracy theories, and other outlandish possibilities. For some people it is magic, only the few know how things work. I also highly recommend Ortega’s Revolt of the Masses, specificaly what he dicusses as the curse of specialization. If you don’t believe me then explain to me how the computer you are currently functioning with functions. If you can’t do this you can be sure that somewhere out there there is a transhumanist that can.

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