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Terrence Moore (here is his latest essay for us), the principal of Ridgeview Classical Schools in Ft. Collins, CO, has announced that there are three openings for good teachers (first grade, sixth grade, and music). If you are serious about wanting to really teach something because you love the subject, consider this. Notice that teaching credentials are not required. Follow on to this "Comment" for the details, including a link to Ridgeview. The curriculum is great, and so are the teachers.

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Ridgeview Classical Schools is a K-12 charter school in Fort Collins entering its third year in 2003-2004. Ridgeview teaches the Core Knowledge sequence, Singapore mathematics, modern and ancient languages in the elementary and middle schools, and a rigorous humanities and sciences program in the high school. Teaching licensure is not required for any teachers. Rather, teachers must have a strong background in the liberal arts, be highly articulate, have a good command of mathematics, and be masters in their specialized fields. Ridgeview teachers in both the upper and elementary schools have graduated from a variety of leading colleges and universities, including Clark, Holy Cross, William and Mary, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard/Radcliffe, Colorado College, Colorado State, St. John’s, Duke, Carleton, Luther College, Purdue, Valparaiso, the University of Chicago, and Ashland University in Ohio. Candidates for the positions listed below should apply through the website: An official application, a statement of educational philosophy, a resume, and college transcripts are all required. Questions should be directed to Dr. T. O. Moore at [email protected].

First Grade Teacher. The most sovereign duty of this position is to teach children to read. Candidates should have a strong command of the English language and an understanding of phonics. Following the Core Knowledge sequence, this teacher will also teach children Aesop’s fables, stories such as Sleeping Beauty, American geography, ancient cultures and religions, early American settlements, basic concepts in science such as animal classifications and astronomy, and the basic operations in mathematics. A fuller scope of the program can be found in E. D. Hirsch’s What Every First-Grader Needs to Know.

Sixth Grade Teacher. By the time Ridgeview students reach the sixth grade, they are doing the work of advanced middle school students and are usually more intellectually curious than high school students. The curriculum calls for the following subjects to be taught. History: ancient Greece and Rome, Judaism and Christianity, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Romanticism, Capitalism and Socialism. Literature: classical mythology, The Iliad and The Odyssey (adapted), Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Science: plate tectonics, basic oceanography, astronomy, energy, the human body. Mathematics: pre-algebra following the Singapore program. Composition: a rigorous review of grammar and the writing of increasingly complex short papers.

Elementary Music. Students learn songs and music theory as outlined in the Core sequence. The teacher should have excellent piano and vocal abilities and be able to work with young children. The ability to teach orchestra or band might open up teaching opportunities in the upper school.

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