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The Myths of Neoconservatism

Here’s Jonah Goldberg’s 3rd installment on neoconservatism entitled ’The End of Neoconservatism: Debunking the Myths.’

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I’ve never quite understood why I have always loathed that word: neocon. There was just something about the look and sound of it that bugged me. Jonah hits on the obvious smearch neo Nazi. The other might be the "con" as in convict of conman.

I post at a site where I am often called this name (I don’t like preaching to the choir, and I’m a big fan of self-immolation), and believe it or not it wasn’t liberals who used it most often, but paleos and so-called Reagan libertarians. And Jonah hits on the reason for this right where it really comes from: jealousy and bitterness, the ugly bile of Pat Buchcanan. These are the remnants of his pitch-fork brigade that lost to Bush 41 in 1992. I think they hate George W. Bush worse than liberals do, to be real honest.

And to be really, really honest, I don’t much like them either. Thanks Jonah for the great scooper on these poopers!

It is understandable why Baby Goldberg and his fellow neocons are so upset. The neoconservatives, and their agenda, are becoming increasingly exposed in the public arena. A couple weeks, ago, one columnists suggested entering the term "neoconservative," or even "neocon" into the Google News search engine, and see how many hits there are. Now, even the mainstream public, those who are not really into the specifics of political theory or political science, are starting to understand the difference between true-blue Americanism and the neocon’s globalist, utopian, (and truly leftist) vision.

Not only are they crazy, it appears now that, more and more, that the neocons are naked.

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