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Bill Moyers Bellowing

The Nation--which for those who are not quite in the know is not exactly just another liberal mag, it is distinctly and proudly left wing or progressive--runs this piece on a talk Bill Moyers (of PBS fame) gave to a group of one thousand liberals in DC. It is a remarkable document that is worth reading in full. Among other things, Moyers goes way over the top, by saying of the Bush administration and its allies in Congress (i.e., Republicans) that they are trying to bankrupt the government and are tearing apart "the social contract": "I think this is a deliberate, intentional destruction of the United States of America." Just giving it a benefit-of-the-doubt reading this means at the minimum that anyone who doesn’t believe in the centralized welfare state as established by FDR and LBJ is actually trying to destroy the United States of America is nuts enough....But James Taranto has some more to say on the subject and he is being more direct than I am. Do read his few paragraphs. I think this is serious yawping and needs to be payed attention to because it doesn’t come from the mouth of some (on the face of it) weirdo, but rather an elegantly dressed man who used to work for LBJ and has made millions off us in public broadcasting, and someone who has always protrayed himself as an ordinary liberal or even a moderate. Well, he is a kook, it turns out, and I wonder how many supporters he has.

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