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The Hill reports that the new Democratic think tank, for now called The American Majority Institute, will be a think tank “with a muscular communications component to it.”

“There are a number of excellent policy think tanks on the progressive side, but what they’re lacking is a serious marketing and communications component,” said Laura Nichols, Senior V.P. (formerly communications director for Gephardt). Sounds to me that there is more marketing at issue and less substance. It will have $10 million to work with (compared to the Progressive Policy Institute, the DLC’s think tank, which works with $3 million).

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If the message isn’t resonating, it MUST be the communications apparatus....

I hope they keep thinking that way!

Yup, pretty typical. Everything has to do with not getting the message out, never an examination of what the message is, or should be. They might as well stick their heads in the the sand.

Here, I will disagree with my esteemed commentors!

This is a great sign, a sign that they feel they have finaly lost control of the message and the medium. I suppose one has to be old enough to recall those days when liberalism owned the medium. I have talked about this before. Back in April I commented, right here at No Left Turns. Basically, this is what the new Democrat "think tank" is all about:

The "media bias" debate is really generational in nature, imho. I grew up at a time when the media, much like the counrty all a whole held a consensus worldview: Government leaders could be trusted, commies were bad, and America exemplified Winthrop’s "shining city on a hill."

Then all hell broke loose.

Out of the washing machine came new ideologies, 900 television channels and an internet by which to trumpet them, a distinct lack of "trust in government to do what is right" and a generation (Xers) that have never known any other country, and a mainstream press that still pines for the "good old days" when Walter Cronkite was the "most trusted man in America."

Now, even Walter is jumping on the Armageddon bandwagon because that gunslingin’ cowboy from Texas is gonna git us all kil’t. Meanwhile America ain’t listenin’, and instead have turned their ears to more upbeat and positive venues of media to get the news they want to hear.

Some call it "bias." I call it a different worldview. Whatever it is, the manistream press is losing the battle for "those who have ears to hear."

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