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Dennis Miller Moves to Fox

I had heard reports for the past few days that Dennis Miller would be joining Fox News, but I just got confirmation from a friend who is a news writer for Fox. The comedian will be offering what fans will recognize as his "rants" as a segment on the Friday edition of Hannity and Colmes. I must admit that I am a fan of Miller (before I get endless comments, I do realize that he is not a conservative--but he is funny), although I always thought that his placement on Monday Night Football was odd. While I was worried that the move to Fox might be a similar reach, the fact that they will be using Miller for a stinging commentary segment bodes well for the Fox Execs decision, for by doing so they are putting Miller in a position in which he is strong. Contrast this decision with, say, putting Keith Olberman behind a desk for "news."

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I wonder if there isn’t some subconscious word play lurking behind the Olberman reference at the end of that post. After all, Dennis Miller became a national star when someone at NBC decided to put him behind a desk for "news", too -- and Miller’s "news" was more lively and insightful than Olberman’s "news" has been the few times I’ve seen Olberman’s show.

Actually, Dennis is a conservative. He has said as much in recent appearances on Bill Maher’s show (the one on HBO, not the one on ABC) and in interviews promoting his recent comedy special.

Dennis Miller is a conservative in the same sense as Howard Stern is a conservative, perhaps?

Miller is less socially conservative than he is with regards to foreign policy. But then again, hasn’t Bush adopted the very liberal New Dealish prescription drug plan recently? Sometimes I am hard pressed to think there is such a thing as real honest to goodness conservatism anymore.

Ya gotta feel for all those Xers and youngsters out there who are gonna be pickin’ up the tab for retiring baby boomers pretty soon. While the GI generation may have earned their entitlements (with the Silents sneakin’ in behind them), the Boom will merely claim "victimhood" as their birthright to the free retirement goodies. We were abused as children, living with "fallout in our milk" under a sexist, male-dominated culture of the horrid 1950s.

I suppose the younger generation will by this crap, but boy is it gonna be a rough ride once the bill comes due.

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