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Hillary book sales

Drudge says this (if someone has the source, send it to me please): "Hillary Clinton’s ’Living History" sells 168,676 in second week according to Nielsen Bookscan data, down more than 50% from opening week [438,701]. Geographic Place For Clinton sales: City 38,474 // Suburb 93,516 // Rural 36,686... Remains #1 non-fiction sales phenomenon... Harry Potter ’Phoenix’ sells 3,878,566 [U.S]..."

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While I’ll show Schramm more courtesy than a couple of other posters have shown me, and refrain from accusing him of "crowing," I had a pretty good feeling we’d be hearing from him again on the Hillary book sales issue.

The claim that sales of Hillary’s book dropped by 50+% in the 2nd week is accurate, but a tad deceptive at the same time. Pre-sales of books (purchased via,, or even pre-ordered at brick and mortar stores) are always applied to first week sales. When you factor out the pre-orders, the decline from week one to week two is considerably less dramatic. We’ll see the same thing next week with the Harry Potter book.

To get a sense of how well the Clinton book is doing, you really have to include other factors --- where does it reside on its respective bestseller list (#1), is the publisher ordering a second printing (yes), etc...

I don’t understand why conservatives are all worked up about Hillary’s book sales? She sells a few books, big deal. Like most political books, they make a blip and then fade away.

I’ll never buy the book, nor will I ever waste the time and read it.

I agree somewhat with pchuck, if it weren’t for reading No Left Turns I would hear a lot less about Hillary. This is also true about Maureen Daud (sp?) or howhever you spell her unknown name. I don’t know much about legal matters so some of the coverage on the U. Michigan case was interesting. I wish I could find more on Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, North Korea ext... Heck it might even be nice to hear an opinion on the Harry Potter book. I think Matthew Little makes a good point about the Clinton book. Stats can lie. On the other hand I expect her book will get a boost, from the popularity of Harry Potter (or is already benefiting from it) so stats can lie either way.

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