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Sorry to have been so long away . . . the dog ate my homework or something. Just wanted to report that at the McLean Virginia Books-A-Million they have plenty of copies of "Living History" (sic) at 40% off.

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Not sure if Ms. Hayward was simply trying to be helpful or trying to make a statement about the book’s popularity.

But in either case, her information is not quite accurate. Books-A-Million offers books at deeply discounted prices for "Club Members," not unlike the "club prices" at Barnes & Noble and practically every other bookstore in existence. In the case of "Living History," the BAMM discount is actually 46% (which is an average BAMM discount). The same discount is offered for every book on their bestseller list.

A quick look at the web site and a subsequent phone call to the McLean store reveals that non-club members pay full price, and that the book is selling quite well.

In turn, I am not sure if Mr. Little is trying to be helpful or just irritate a customer who already finds Amazon to be the most convenient and hassle-free way to buy books. But leaving aside the question of whether his comment is good business, I believe the sticker on Living History states "30% off + 10% off for cardholders." I did not bring a copy home to verify, but I did bring home another book that I could swear was marked in the same manner as the Hillary book. If the 30% off price does not apply to people other than cardholders - i.e. jus’ folks, then isn’t that notation a little, well, confusing? In case Mr. Little or anyone else was confused at the purpose of my post, it was to debunk partially the stories going around town that the book is so popular it "can’t be found." It can, and for a below list price.

Books-A-Million’s pricing policies/structure are pretty clearly outlined on their web site.

I don’t know who told you that the book was so popular that it "can’t be found," but selling books below list price is common practice among book retailers... for ALL books.

Matthew Little was the clear winner for that little spat.

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