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Mother Called

My mother just called. Sometimes my mother calls me to remind me to wear my sweater (when she hears on the news that it’s cold in Ohio, she is in Southern California), and sometimes she calls just to chastize me for not calling her often enough. You never call, you never think about me, you know that sort of thing. The truth is that most of time she calls me about politics! Which is a little odd, considering that my mother is not, in the ordinary sense, political. But she does get angry when she sees nothing but Clinton on the TV, and when she gets the sense that the President may have done something wrong by saying that Iraq had WMD. After all, as she says in her heavily accented English, "Something must be wrong, he must have done something wrong, he must be in trouble, that’s all they talk about in the news." I explain to her (in Hungarian mostly, but when we talk politics we almost always end up talking in English, which is a little odd, since she is not good at it; but it seems right somehow) that the Clintons are trying to get some more money and some more fame, and that it is mostly at the expense of the Democratic Party, so not to worry. Then I explain to her that not yet finding the WMD (or enough of it to satisfy certain people) is similar to the Baghdad Museum story, everyone going bonkers about the 170,000 items missing, until it’s discovered that there were only 33 items missing. This will also pass, even though the media and the Demos will never quite admit it. Then she asks me if the economy is really as bad as the Demos claim, and then I explain to her that the stock market is up by 20% over the last few months, and then she ask why are these guys so negative. And then I remind her of the manic-depressive who lived next door to us and how he looked at the world. He was happy to get bad news because it confirmed his inclinations and when he got good news he would always argue that it wouldn’t last, just wait for the next news, he would say, it will be bad. It was then my mother understood how the Democrats think they can only prosper when the country doesn’t. She then asked me about the weather. I told her that it is raining again, and she reminded me not to ride my bike in the rain, it’s dangerous. Yes Mom, koszonom.

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you sure must be desperate with all your lies. did your mother have any nonretarded children?

Young "eric martin" is the poster boy for the future of the Democratic Party, I’m afraid.

and young goatboy marc lamb is the poster boy for impotent retards everywhere!

Mr. Martin, you are welcome to disagree with me me on anything, indeed, you might even think me a fool. All that is OK, but I will ask you to be more civilized about it. Please. Thank you.

eat me shrammecles. as long as you continue to spread your lies i will be here to point you out as the scoundrels you are!

This reflects the inherent contradiction within the modern liberal camp. They like to preach tolerance, not offending anyone, not hurting anyone’s feelings, and that there is no moral or immoral truths, but they suddenly act otherwise when they face conservatives.

im an anarchist you punk bitch!

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