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Recall Gray Davis Update

While the Recall Gray Davis campaign has now gathered one half (600,000 of the 1.2 million) of the signatures they plan to turn in to the Secretary of State, they have suffered a recent setback. The California Business Roundtable has voted unanimously to oppose the recall effort.

For an update on the recall effort look here:

I don’t agree with the Republicans who fear this effort might have an adverse effect on Bush’s Presidential campaign. Also, it’s just fun to see a liberal Democrat bludgeoned with a Progressive era tool, the recall.

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Although the California Business Roundtable represents the biggest companies and CEOs in the state, it has never been much of a significant political force in CA. (I believe it opposed Proposition 13 in 1978; look how potent that was.) The CBR taking a political stance is commensurate with Suriname in the United Nations. Besides, hey almost neer put theri money where their mouth is in politics. I suspect the same will hold true here.

Given the recent history of judges overuling the majority will of California voters, has anybody given any thought to the rather high probability that this recall effort will end up being decided by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and not the voter?

Let’s get real, folks, this thing stinks of Algorism and the Flordia debacle (and yes, I mean the recall effort). The GOP lost the election in California. They ought to just get over it. Californians knew what they were doing when they pulled the lever that day! Davis was an incumbent, you might recall. If Davis leads the state to the very gates of hell, what’s the GOP to complain about it? He won! They lost.

While I concurred with the Clinton impeachment (a Constitutional recall) because he had seriously violated his oath of office when he committed the very serious crime of perjury, I cannot find any wisdom in seeking a recall because a politician promised what he could not deliever, or is just plain too stupid to govern.

Let’s face the real facts about the GOP in California, huh: They are splineless dolts and sissys. They cower in the corner while the Tom Haydens run circles around them. Then, in a silly fit of bravado they suddenly stand up and start throwin’ their money around trying to convince the voter that’ve got something to say too. Good grief, it’s hard to believe this is the same state that gave us Hoover, Nixon and Reagan! What a cryin’ shame. :(

As another Californian once said " there you go again."

The metaphor of an aging hippie running circles around anyone is just too difficult for my brain to comprehend.

Do not equate recall with impeachment. the California statue does not set a very high standard. It is not high crimes and misdemeanors. No incompetence is enough. Perhaps the 22% approval number in a majority Demo state is the prima facia evidence here.

but it would be a very Demo move to resort to the courts to circumvent the will of the governed would it?

I happen to think the voters, aside from politicians committing "high crimes and misdemeanors," ought to live with the choices they make. How else are they gonna learn anything?

It seems to me this recall is based on all the wrong reasons. There were just too many reasons not to vote for Davis in the first place. If they did, it was just as much the GOPs fault that they did vote for the moron. There’s something about California politics that smells funny. I can’t quite put my finger of it yet, but something just ain’t right.

What you smell is the nervous sweat of of bunch of Demo office holders, thinking it bad form to come out early and be seen as disloyal but not wanting to be left behind. They will jump like rats from the sinking ship when it becomes obvious that SS Gray is going down. Watch and see.

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