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The EU’s Constitution

James Lileks has a typically witty column on the new constitution of the European Union. He’s particularly amused by the constitution’s "Charter of Fundamental Rights, a laundry list of goodness that should stand as a warning against convening a constitutional convention in the era of the busybody bureaucrat."

The best part is his description of Article 24:

"’Children have the right to demand chocolate milk be poured on their cereal, and to request that the cereal be made entirely of glazed donuts and marshmallows, and to hold their breath and turn blue. ("Blue" shall be defined as any hue between light sky-blue and a deep Cerulean tint.)’

"Well, again, not exactly. Article 24 concerns ’The Rights of the Child,’ and states that kids ’may express their views freely.’ So it’s a deprivation of their constitutional rights to tell them to knock off the whining. The right to whine for candy bought with someone else’s money -- can you get any more European than that?"

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