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The Roadmap to Peace: Step One

The Roadmap to Peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors is more than a 12 step program.

To paraphrase Victor Davis Hansen, "Peace does not come through a process, peace comes when one side defeats the other. Then you have peace. The United States has peace with Germany, Japan, and Vietnam because one side defeated the other."

So is any Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East far gone in utopian speculation until one side defeats the other? Probably so, but here are two articles which outline the first steps to peace. Ruth Wisse argues that the first step to peace is very simple, the Arabs simply have to stop hating Jews and the State of Israel. Michael Oren points out how generous Israel has been when any Arab state has done the simple thing of recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

Let’s hope that President Bush succeeds where other American Presidents have failed.

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"The Arabs just have to stop hating the Jews and the State of Israel?" Sometimes I think people have to be kidding! Is it possible to just quit hating something like that? poof? you quit hating? Hasn’t there been a long history of hatred, a long history of hate might be like a slippery slope... once you go so far nothing can be repaired. But I guess if you believe in the sort of free will articulated by Jonah of NR then stopping the hatred is a matter left open to free will. I probably shouldn’t beat up on Jonah for a simple Graduation speech, but it stuck with me because it was one of the dumbest things said by a smart man. An emotion like true hatred is not ammenable to a flip of the wrist solution. It is not as simple as turning on a light switch. On the other hand I think it is possible to have a sort of light switch hatred or love for that matter. I might have a light switch hatred of Hillary Clinton for example. But my hatred of her is not deep and probably has more to do with what other people say or the environment I am in when she is discussed. I have never met her, I never think of her except when someone else brings her up...ext. My hatred of her is not in the least bit linked to my identity. I am pratically indifferent. On the other hand Arabs and Jews have a much more concrete and manifold reasons for hating each other. Maybe a child blown to bits by a sucide bomber or a house destroyed by a tank. Of course most people can make a distinction between things like true love or true hatred and simply hate/love of the type that is made apparent by smilley faces on IM. There is one type that is controllable by will, and there is another type that is the very substance of that will. If there is true hate then the only peace process will be accomplished when one side completly defeats the other. Until then any peace process is doomed because its foundational requirements are really not open to choice. If the world ever sees societies that abolish all deep sentiment such as hate and love, and everything becomes a light switch relationship, then any side in an argument would be able to quit whatever it was doing at any time. If such a day arrives then there would be no more wars or conflict. Israel is already close to being such a nation, on the other hand the Arabs are a long ways from it.

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