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Edward Koch, the former Democratic mayor of New York, agrees with me that the Democrats are doing something very foolish indeed by trying to make (literally, in this case) a federal issue whether or not Saddam "sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Instapundit goes further and calls them "stupid." And Max Boot gets into Clinton’s attacks on the Sudan in 1998 and Senator Biden’s defense. Quite a story, and a good time to remember it. Clifford May nails the whole thing to the wall by pointing out the simplest of facts: the Democrats are misrepresenting what Bush actually said. This whole things should be an embarrasment to both the Democrats and the elite media that has gone into a crisis mode over it. And, as John Podhoretz points out, while it may be to the Demos tactical advantage to call Bush a liar, it cannot be to their long-range advantage, and they will suffer for it. He explains why.

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The media is very liberal, and the media has also been rather pro-war.

(Though some of the neocons may disagree on that latter part.)

I keep seeing on ’conservative’ and Republican blogs how the ’Democrats’ are trying to use this issue for political gain, thereby implying that this is strictly a partisan issue, and it is only the liberals and Democrats who are making an issue out of this [supposedly minor] incident.

And the liberal media is also giving this impression. They have constantly been focusing on the Democrats’ outrage at these issues of war and WMDs...

It is so frustrating to see the liberal, pro-war media, along with the ’conservative,’ pro-war commentators, continually emphasizing the outrage at the Bush administration and its actions from the liberals and the Democrats. Personally, I don’t care too much what the Democrats say, but there is a great deal of similar outrage also coming from true-blue conservatives, pro-liberty patriots, military personnel and veterans, and Republicans!

I don’t have the time or energy to write more about this now, but I am posting here a couple of items currently featured at World Net Daily (a leading conservative and pro-liberty web publication)...


World Net Daily currently has two featured items by their Washington bureau chief, conservative columnist Paul Sperry (a leading news item, and a featured opinion column):

WND Exclusive - news item:

Dissent over uranium more than a ’footnote’

Featured commentary:

The Brits bust Bush

That is very troubling column... (and troubling news). At the bottom of that last page, Mr. Sperry’s other recent commentaries on this issue are listed.

This is not a good situation...

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