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History of American Political Thought

An excellent book has just been published. It is edited by Bryan-Paul Frost and Jeffrey Sikkenga and is called History of American Political Thought. It describes itself as "a comprehensive set of secondary essays that provides a solid introduction to the thought of the most important American statesmen, activists, and writers--whatever their historical age or political persuasion." The forty-six essays consider John Winthrop to Antonin Scalia (with Madison, Lincoln, FDR, et al, along the way). Click here to see the Table of Contents. I think it is a very impressive volume, am proud to be in it (chapter on Booker T. Washington), and I recommend that you take a look at it. The contributors (note that many of them write for NLT) are:

John Agresto, John E. Alvis, Donald R. Brand, Paul O. Carrese, Laurence D. Cooper, Murray Dry, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Thomas S. Engeman, Christopher Flannery, Steven Forde, David Fott, David F. Forte, Matthew J. Franck, Bryan-Paul Frost, David Foster, Peter Josephson, Steven Kautz, John Koritansky, Peter Augustine Lawler, Howard L. Lubert, Harvey C. Mansfield, Jonathan Marks, Sean Mattie, James McClellan, Lucas E. Morel, Peter C. Meyers, Ronald J. Pestritto, Lance Robinson, Michael J. Rosano, Ralph A. Rossum, Richard S. Ruderman, Richard Samuelson, David Lewis Schaefer, Peter Schotten, Peter W. Schramm, Kimberly C. Shankman, Jeffrey Sikkenga, James R. Stoner, Jr., Natalie Taylor, Aristide Tessitore, William Thomas, Daryl McGowan Tress, David Tucker, Eduardo A. Velásquez, Karl-Friedrich Walling, Bradley C. S. Watson, Melissa S. Williams, Delba Winthrop, Jean M. Yarbrough, Michael P. Zuckert.

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