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Steve and Eric have given us a lot to consider here. I have the same ambivalence, maybe worse, because I think Governor Gray has a good chance of getting out of this stronger than ever, with the Republicans weaker and more disspirited than ever. I hate to say it, but the Terminator appears to be the best chance to get Davis out of office. Former Governor Pete Wilson’s folks are behind him, and that is not good news for conservatives. The more divided the field, the better the chance for the Republicans to prevail in casting out Davis. My prediction right now, if neither the Terminator nor DiFi enters the race, is that Davis stays. For a bunch of thoughtful blogs on this issue see the Claremont Institute’s blogsite,
The Remedy
over the past few weeks.

The Racial Privacy Initiative, Ward Connerly’s act barring state collection of racial data, could bring out Democratic votes from blacks and Hispanics.

I predict a lot of race-ethnicity mongering by the Dems, as part of a desperation bring-out-the-vote tactic.

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