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No Left Turns

What are the Democrats up to?

This WaPo article shows the reincarnation of the Democratic Party into the party of the Left. This, despite the Democratic Leadership Council’s warning "No Left Turn", this, despite Bill Clinton’s attempt to be a moderate, etc. What are these guys up to? Well, James Taranto has a few choice thoughts on the subject that are very much worth reading. These thoughts are not unrelated to the "Progressives’" (as the Liberals now prefer to call themselves) attempt to make an Iran-Contra Affair out of the WMD/Iraq issue. The Demo Party is making a big mistake. Make an argument that we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq, that we shouldn’t stay in Iraq, that we cannot change Iraq, etc.; these are conversations worth having. But making an argument of the sort they are making is at least imprudent and possibly suicidal. Read Taranto.

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