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Arnold’s press conference

I just heard Arnold’s speech and his answers to questions on my drive back from Akron (I now have XM radio, very cool!). To be brief about it, I thought he was terrific. If you get a chance to watch the whole thing tonight, please do so. He said all the right things (e.g., the problem is government spending not insufficient taxes) and did it in a rhetorically effective way ("you get up in the morning and flush the toilet, you pay a tax, you then have a cup of coffee, you pay a tax, you get into your car you pay a tax," etc., and he kept at it with another six to eight examples; quite effective). He went into other details, including the necessity of having an outside firm look at the books, because no one really knows how bad things are, workman’s comp, etc. He was authoritative and knowledgeable. There is no comparison between him and the other candidates. He is running against the political class, and he will win. He was very effective with the press, and crushed at least one questioner. I am impressed. I’ll try to spend some of tonight watching the talking head on the left panic. Now the fun begins. El Rushbo and National Review are wrong. This man merits our support.

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Count me in the impressed category as well.

If Californians have any sense, the choice between him and the lightweight Bustamante shouldn’t be a tough one.

EMP Terrorism -

I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Arnold discussion, but Exultate Justi has a link to The Center for Security Policy.

Fascinating article as to the threat of a EMP Terrorism on the US - basically in a matter of a few seconds, we are back to keeping track of stuff on index cards.

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