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I actually read the Fumento piece Mickey cites below. Fumento attacks the pro-fat lobby. I haven’t even heard of the pro-fat lobby until now. But I have an opinion on this: I don’t care what science has to say on this matter (and many others), that you will live longer if you are not fat, etc. I prefer men about me who are fat for the same reason I prefer myself. "Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep a-nights." You know the rest. And let me be perfectly clear on one point: This blog will have nothing to do with those who are interested in attacking the fat; let the body-socialists find other places to vent their spleen. I will not have it. It’s an outrage. One more thing, Mickey ought to find better uses for his time than listening to college presidents; they always speak an infinite deal of nothing, especially ones who ought to be fat. Go and listen to a student Mickey, at least some of those show some sparks that are like wit!

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Supposedly eating fewer calories is a good way to slow down ageing. But since this is out of the question I have decided to simply drink more red wine. Supposedly a key chemical in red wine has been proven to slow and even prevent ageing in worms and yeast. Scientists claim that it also works well with humans, but this is not why I have decided to drink red wine. Ageing is key factor that increases stomach aches. Drinking lots of beer and tequila is also known to cause stomach aches. My hope is that If I drink red wine I can slow down the ageing of the yeast in my beer and that of the worm in my tequila. If I can slow down ageing I will slow down stomach aches, correct? Slowing down stomach aches enables me to wake up the next morning and polish off my breakfast which usually consists of a 44 ounce fountain drink and a quart of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Although I have been largely convinced by the wisdom of the late Dr. Atkins,
I don’t know why we conservatives need to take a position on the fat lobby or fatness generally. I do know that we shouldn’t be so obsessed with personal longevity that we lose the laidback objectivity about the inevitability and goodness of our mortality that is characteristic of men with chests (in addition to guts) and souls.

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