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Schramm may be right that Arnold will win this election. I am not certain of that. I still think Gray Davis has a chance to survive. Jeremy Lott predicts in the ’American Spectator’ that Democrats easily win this election. Davis has all sorts of special interest ploys to win. Even if Davis loses the recall, a very likely outcome is that Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante wins the Governor’s race. Afterall, there are over 1 million more registered Dems in CA than Republicans. Bustamante is the only big name Dem while you have Arnold, Simon, and McClintock carving up the GOP vote.

Is Schramm right to say that Arnold "merits our support"? I’m not sure. He’s wrong on all of the social issues. He’s going to raise taxes. He’s not going to save the GOP in CA. He can’t be President. Why vote for a Governor in California if he can’t be President?

I did watch almost all of Arnold’s press conference last night on C-Span. My initial reaction was this guy isn’t Ronald Reagan. I remember watching Reagan in the ’70s and saying this is the man to lead the country in the current crisis. Perhaps he sounded better on radio than he looked and sounded on TV. His most powerful statements are his expressions of gratitude to American for the opportunity he was provided when he came here from Austria and that he wants California to be that ’optimistic’ place once again. But when he started talking about his six year old, it reminded me of Amy Carter, and when he started talking about flushing toilets,it sounded rehearsed and a way to avoid talking substance. He seemed hesitant and uncertain in the question period to me.

The recall was a device designed to get politics out of politics, to let the people throw the rascals out if the special interests became too dominant. Well, to Hiram Johnson’s horror, this election will be decided by the biggest special interest/faction. There are over 130 candidates on the ballot. This is an ideal (never say only) opportunity for the Conservative wing of the Republican Party to grab the Governor’s office and then for McClintock to show that Conservatives can govern, deserve to govern, and begin the process of taking over the legislature. A small purality will win the election, this opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

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Is there a viable Republican party in California? Sure there are some Republicans, but is there a party that can still win a statewide election? Jeez, if Gray Daivs could win in 2002 and if Boxer got relected, there are no statewide candidates that are Republicans.

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