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More Gay Marriage News

The Vatican is now a formal
in the gay marriage debate, urging Catholic leaders and politicians to oppose the gay marriage trend and push to preserve traditional marriages between men and women. The only surprise is that it took this long.

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The word ’marriage’ is a religious word rooted in the tradition of natural law. Such law holds, not that gays are evil, but that male/female couples are natural and the best arrangement for raising children. Homosexual relationships are not the issue in this debate but the definition of marriage. We can define non-marriage relationships any way we like as long as we do not steal a definition rooted in religious traditions that gave us civil society as we know it.

"Matrimony," from the Latin - which predates Christianity - comes from the word, "the duty of motherhood," Mary Shivanandan, a professor of theology with the John Paul II Institute in Washington.

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