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When Greenland was warm

The Atlantic Monthly calls its readers’ attention to a recent article in the journal Climate Research. It seems the case for global warming isn’t such a slam-dunk after all. When compared to the past ten centuries, it turns out that no matter what the chicken littles have suggested, average temperatures weren’t unusually high in the twentieth century. As the editors point out, during the tenth century Greenland was able to support large-scale human habitation, and one could find olive trees doing quite well as far north as Germany. The conclusion: "[T]he study makes a strong case that human societies have always been able to cope with significant climatic shifts."

Take that, Greenpeace.

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Have you ever opened a cold coke? a few bubbles, of course.
Have you ever opened a warm coke? lots of pressure !! that is, lots of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere above the water. Also lots of foam due to CO2 dissolved in the water but desperate to get out into the atmosphere.

NOW, is the coke warm because of the greater amount of CO2 above it, or cold because of somewhat less ??
NO, the amount of CO2 above the water is related to (and controlled by) the temperature of the water, just as and the amount of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere (above the water of the oceans) is related to and controlled by the temperature of the water.

Greenland was green and inhabited by Scandinavian farmers a thousand years ago, so the world must have been warmer even without humans burning millions of tons of oil and coal. There was even grape-growing and wine-making in northern England, which annoyed the French somewhat as they lost trade.
In the mid 1600's it was so cold they could skate across the Thames, and again in 1880's during the coal-powered Industrial Revolution.

Once again, "Is the coke warm because of the greater amount of CO2 above it, or cold because of somewhat less ??" Seems that that is exactly what the humanists would have us believe.

Who invented Carbon Credits?
A couple of Google / Copernic searches indicate it was ENRON. And why? As a continuing source if income (read "scam") of course.
And just guess who Greenpeace and Al Gore got heavy contributions from.
Well, those guys do support Carbon Trading, so it was just a give-and-take business deal after all.
But now there's no ENRON, where will the money end up? Probably with Greenpeace & Gore Inc.

I wasn't born yesterday
I wasn't brought up this morning either
But I do admire the absolute blind faith of the lefty humanists, they will believe anything at all except the truth.
I find it just plain easier to believe what God says.


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