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A Dean and Wesley Clark marriage?

The Washington Post reports that Howard Dean has asked Wesley Clark to be his running mate, should Clark decide not to run. Paul Bedard notes that Democratic Party operatives would love Clark to run, McAullife said: "It would be very good for the Democratic Party to have a four-star general traveling around the country." I am still betting that Clark gets in the race.

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"A Dean and Wesley Clark marriage?"

Who gets to wear the pants?

"NATO’s Wesley Clark is not the Iron Duke, nor is he Stormin’ Norman. Unlike Wellington and Schwarzkopf, Clark’s not a muddy boots soldier. He’s a military politician, without the right stuff to produce victory over Serbia.

"Known by those who’ve served with him as the ’Ultimate Perfumed Prince,’ he’s far more comfortable in a drawing room discussing political theories than hunkering down in the trenches where bullets fly and soldiers die. An intellectual in warrior’s gear. A saying attributed to General George Patton was that it took 10 years with troops alone before an officer knew how to empty a bucket of spit. As a serving soldier with 33 years of active duty under his pistol belt, Clark’s commanded combat units -- rifle platoon to tank division - for only seven years. The rest of his career’s been spent as an aide, an executive, a student and teacher and a staff weenie."

FROM: CLARK AND VIETNAM by: David H. Hackworth - April 20, 1999

"But an unexpected bolt from the blue suddenly ignited Clark’s life, turning mediocrity into a skyrocket ride that could yet land him in the Oval Office. He was named Commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, III Corps, at sweltering Fort Hood southwest of Waco, Texas.

"On a late winter day in 1993, Texas Governor Ann Richards suddenly called the base, later meeting with Clark’s Number Two to discuss an urgent matter. Crazies at a Waco compound had killed Federal agents. If newly-sworn-in President Bill Clinton signed a waiver setting aside the Posse Comitatus Act, which generally prohibits the military from using its arms against American citizens within our borders, could Fort Hood supply tanks and other equipment?

"Clinton did. Wesley Clark’s command at Fort Hood ’lent’ 17 pieces of armor and 15 active service personnel under his command to the Waco Branch Davidian operation. It is absolute fact that the military equipment used by the government at Waco came from Fort Hood and Clark’s command.

"The only issue debated by experts is whether Clark was at Waco in person to help direct the assault against the church compound in a scene remarkably similar to the incineration of villagers in a church by the British in Mel Gibson’s movie ’The Patriot.’

"What happened at Waco was the death, mostly by fire, of at least 82 men, women and children, including two babies who died after being ’fire aborted’ from the dying bodies of their pregnant mothers.

"Planning for this final assault involved a meeting between Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno and two military officers who developed the tactical plan used but who have never been identified.

"Some evidence and analysis suggests that Wesley Clark was one of these two who devised what happened at Waco.

"As Leftist journalists Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair noted, the ruthless tactics and attitude on display at Waco are strikingly similar to those Clark has used on other battlefields in his career.

"Odd, isn’t it, that the Leftist establishment press has told you nothing about the connection between General Wesley Clark and Waco – or what happened to him immediately after the service he rendered the Clintons at Waco?"

From: Wesley Clark: General Issues by: Lowell Ponte

I could say several things about both Dean and Clark. As I’ve said before, Wesley Clark is a war criminal, something that conservatives, libertarians, and liberals have all agreed upon.

As for Dean, I think that he may not be as liberal as many people say. Conservative youth blogger (and former Bush administration member) Ben Domenech has made this point, as has leading conservative youth blogger Josh Claybourn. Both have predicted that he will be the Democratic party’s nominee.

I am a conservative and a College Republican, so I of course would not support a candidate like Dean, however, I recenly wrote an article containing advice from conservatives to Dr. Dean, about how he may be able to better his chances of winning the nomination, and perhaps the presidency, as well. My piece actually contains advice from conservative journalists who are offering insightful ideas to Dr. Dean, which, if implemented, could help him garner the votes that he needs to win. The focus, though, is on the advice of one particular journalist, and I’ve enclosed in my article his recent piece dealing with a specific issue - one that could have an impact on the presidential campaign. If you’re interested, take a look at my memo to Howard Dean - it is featured in my latest blog entry.

Find out which major issue could provide the key for unlocking the door to Dr. Dean’s chances of winning the White House.

"I am a conservative and a College Republican, so I of course would not support a candidate like Dean... "

I, too, am a conservative, although I haven’t been a "College Republican" since I ran the "Goldwater for President" operation at my college in 1964 as a member of "YAF". Personally I would love to see Howard Dean nominated by the Democrats. If they are stupid enough to do that I think George W. Bush will pull off a historic first and win all 50 States in the Presidential Election, and his "coattails" will give the GOP a fillibuster-proof Senate and at least another 50 Republican Representatives in the House.

Run Howard, RUN!"

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