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Ackerman on the Ninth Circuit

Bruce Ackerman, to his credit (he’s very liberal and went overboard on Bush v. Gore in 2000), sees right through the Ninth Circuit’s ruling on the recall, and shows how they are wrong in arguing that it is similar in any way to the Florida case. He claims, rightly, that "The present decision attacks states’ rights at their very core."

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Neil Cavuto on Fox News did a good piece in response to the recall recall. :)

Recalling the Recall

by Neil Cavuto

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. The California recall election can’t go off as scheduled because it wouldn’t be fair to all California voters. There are too many of those punch ballots, likely leading to too many thrown out ballots. Or something like that.

The ACLU and other sympathetic left-wing groups won. But the trouble is, I didn’t see the ACLU protesting these chads a year ago, when Governor Davis won his second term.

There were no cries then of foul play, no shouts then of social injustice and no protests then over punched ballots.

Hanging chads didn’t make a difference then. Even though they made up more than half the ballots. No one said a peep then. But, suddenly they make a difference now.

Voters were just as likely disenfranchised then. It matters that they’re potentially disenfranchised now?

Ballots were thrown out then. Suddenly it matters if ballots are thrown out now?

Maybe because Davis looked like a shoe-in then and doesn’t look like a shoe-in now?

I don’t know. This much I do know: Republicans were supposedly evil to go to court in one election, but Democrats aren’t when doing the same in "this" election.

I think I know how this works. This isn’t about giving the people a voice. It’s about giving an interest group an edge.

Well, just one piece of advice: If you’re sticking up for the common folk now, at least have the common decency to have done the same then.

I saw no tears then. I see plenty of crocodile ones now.,2933,97503,00.html

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