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Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Six Months Ago?

The Washington Times reports that in a recent Gallup Poll, nearly two-thirds of Baghdad residents say removal of Saddam Hussein was worth any hardships they have endured. Only 8 percent of those question said that they believed their lives would be worse off as a result of the military campaign to remove Hussein and his leadership.

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Public opinion polls taken in our country have been shown to be completely reliable, and definitely representative of the true nature of the views of our people. Since we know that polls in our country are totally reliable - and don’t have any flaws - it is clear that public opinion polls taken in a foreign country are reliable and authoratative as well.

The polls sure beat the uninformed opinion of the leftist media pundits and the 10 Democrat Dwarfs running for President, none of whom have even been to Baghdad since George W. Bush evicted their favorite dictator and mass murderer, Saddam Hussein. Oh, I forgot they get their info from CNN’s unbiased Baghdad Bureau. What a joke. Like your "ideal", you Saddam supporters all react to "good news" the same way - you shoot the messenger.

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