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Clark-Hillary 2004?

Peter Lawler writes a fine piece on Wesley Clark. It was posted at NRO this morning, but I missed it, sorry. (I took a nap this afternoon, feeling simply awful). While he essentially agrees with me that Clark will blow everyone out of the water, including the Bobo candidate Howard Dean, he adds a nice twist about Hillary. It is entirely possible. Please read it all.   

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Clark better have a domestic plan or he’s going to get real embarassed after the primary. They’re already indicating that the 2004 election will be all about domestic policy (especially the economy). The Democrats love him because his General credentials steal the thunder from the "democrats are weak on defense" rhetoric that Republicans like to preach (an important topic in post-9/11 America, but fading fast in post-Iraq-war America). They’d better prime him with a domestic plan.

I’ve always thought that Hillary doesn’t want to go up against a Republican incumbunt in 2004 nor a Democrat incumbant in 2008. Speculation was that she wanted Dean to win the primary because she believes he won’t beat Bush in 2004. That gives her a fresh ticket for 2008.

As for her being a possible Vice President. Well, that changes things a little. It gets her foot in the door (the Oval Office door), but I just can’t see her taking second seat to anyone, even as a means to an end.

Personally, I’m sick of the Clintons being the pimps of the Democrat party. Too bad Democrats aren’t sick of it yet.

America is ready, and much overdue, for its first female President. I just hate to see Hillary be the one. What’s Condoleeza Rice doing in 2008? Someone give her a call. :)

"Clark is actually Clinton with some Eisenhower added"

Hmmm! I don’t recall Eisenhower, when he was SHAEF, being referred to by his troops as "the Supreme Being". As for being "Clinton", Wesley certainly has Bill’s ego. I have a colleague at work who served on his staff, and he said within 5 minutes of being introduced to Wesley you will know he was first in his West Point class, Oxford Scholar, etc. The real question is: "Where is the "center of gravity" of the Democrat Party activists?" The answer to that question will determine who the DNC selects as its candidate for President. Personally I think it is to the "left" of Clinton’s General, although he is moving in the "right" direction with his latest homosexual group endorsement. Perhaps someone enterprising FoxNews reporter could quiry the good General on his position on "same-sex marriage". If he "cops out" with a "I need to study the issue" type answer, he is toast!

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