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Now that we have General Clark--you know, the first in his class at West Point Clark-- in the race, it might be wise to stay abreast of some of his thinking. So I have established a new category called "Cockeyed Clark." And this is the first installment. I bet there will be more. Note what he said on Meet the Press on June 15, 2003:

"The Bush tax cuts weren’t fair. The people that need the money and deserve the money are the people who are paying less, not the people who are paying more. I thought this country was founded on a principle of progressive taxation. In other words, it’s not only that the more you make, the more you give, but proportionately more because when you don’t have very much money, you need to spend it on the necessities of life."

A freshman asked me this morning if we could have a conversation sometime about what the differences are between the Republican and Democratic parties, since she wasn’t really sure. This may be a good place to start: Now what was that principle that this country was founded upon? Yup, that’s it, progressive taxation. Just in case anyone doubts that Clark is a Democrat.

Here is the full text. (Thanks to Eugene Volokh)

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I find it interesting that he says the Bush tax cuts weren’t FAIR then goes on to support a PROGRESSIVE tax system that is, by design, UNFAIR. Fair would be a flat tax.

I had, for many years, considered myself Republican. Nowadays, I’m of the belief that most Americans are probably Libertarian and just don’t know it yet. :) While I don’t agree with their entire platform, the Libertarian Party ( to be more in-line my ideals.

The folks that founded this Nation weren’t Libertarians, who are more anarchists than conservative. The Founders were more "Classical Liberals". Even Thomas Jefferson would tell you that the Constitution of the United States of America is not the "suicide pact" the Libertarians believe it is!

The Founders certainly were libertarians. They just weren’t the Zero Aggression Principle extremists that give libertarians a bad name.

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