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Gay and Infectious in London

The BBC reports that gay men in England are intentionally exposing themselves the HIV as a "badge of honor." According to a study conducted by researchers at Brunel University,

"The prevalence of HIV in the UK among men who have sex with other men continues to rise and, in part, this can be attributed to the fact that HIV is being transmitted with a deliberate recklessness in the backrooms of London’s pubs, clubs and saunas . . . .

There is a tendency for some men to say ’now I’m HIV positive, I am truly gay’. They want to get into that caring more supportive world and the acquisition of a diagnosis is obviously going to help them do that."

Another reason to legalize gay marriage, just watch.

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"Some of the workshops were closed to the media, including the one entitled ’Eroticizing HIV: Beyond Bareback, Beyond Edge, Beyond Taboo,’ although a reporter was allowed to sit in the workshop if he didn’t take notes."

Barebacking: unprotected homosexual sex with multiple random partners. (Somehow increases the eroticism.)

"’Punitive approaches to gay men often get us what we don’t want,’ he said. ’So I wouldn’t advocate closing down those [gift-giver/bug-chaser] Web sites, and I wouldn’t advocate discouraging people from advocating those practices. I would, if I believed discouraging the most-at-risk gay men would make them not do it, but I don’t believe it works that way.’"

gift-giver: AIDS infected homosexual seeking uninfected sex partners for the purpose of infecting them. (Somehow heightens the emotion).

bug-chaser: Uninfected homosexual seeking AIDS infected sex partners for the purpose of getting infected. (Somehow increases the excitment.)

These are some of the reasons that HIV infections are on the rise in this country.

"Rofes said there’s no simple answer to the problem of people who get off on infecting someone or becoming infected."

Remember, this is the "lifestyle" that is called "gay"!

All quotes from: "The National Gay Men’s Health Summit: Moving Beyond HIV" By: Rex Wockner at:

"This is old news"

Hmmm! Why is it then that so many folks are shocked when they read about it? The problem is that it was never "news"!

Want the NEW news:

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