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Someone sent me a note asking me why I hadn’t said anything about the Demos debate last night. I confess that I saw some of it, and I can’t remember why I would want to. It could have been an accident. I was tired. I’m not kidding about this (and I apologize to Democrats and their fellow travellers, I’m not rtying to hurt): I find these guys past boring. I despair when I listen. They are either talking about saving big or small parts of the welfare state (and sometimes adding to it); this is what folks mean when they say politics is policy. I leave that stuff to economists and accountants. Or, they are all cannon, fire, smoke, and artificial heat! That prune-like fellow Gephardt was on when I tuned in, and he was forward-leaning and loud-sounding about some
false quarrel. I would have turned it off but then Sharpton came on and said something that smacked of wit, and I lingered. But this is Al Sharpton, isn’t it? Can this man-without-modesty or a cause be a candidate? Mosley-Braun then said something semi-interesting, and I lingered. The others blended into one monotonous tone, farewell content, farewell mirth and pleasure, gloom and doom sorrounded me. Then they were all in their shirtsleeves (how did that happen, did they just all take off their jackets?), looking even more affectedly earnest. They blended into one form. After some while I heard nothing, but a low buzz. And I have nothing to say. I am past hope.
Here is Dan Balz in the WaPo, if anyone is interested.

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"Then they were all in their shirtsleeves (how did that happen, did they just all take off their jackets?), looking even more affectedly earnest."

Howard Dean wanted them all to wear open collared plaid shirts, but the majority would agreed only on "shirtsleeves". Looks like Howard is lacking in the "concensus building" department, as well. I understand that Wes "the Supreme Being" Clark get to select the "dress code" for the next "Demo Forensic Slug Fest", and he is leaning towards full military dress uniforms complete with appropriate badges of rank and decorations. In this I believe that Wes may be making a big mistake - John "Herod’s Hero" Kerry, in his dress blues with his Silver and Bronze Stars (if he can find them, after tossing them back when he was leader of the Vietnam Vets Against the War) on his chest may just be a bit more impressive than the same decorations on a Army 4-Star’s dress uniform. Of course, Wes’ French "Commander of the Legion of Honor" badge is pretty impressive, also.

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