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Dog biscuits

Alec Baldwin goes down to Texas to do some fundraising for Democrats. So far so good. He takes a box of dog biscuits with him, for Governor Rick Perry (R). "I wanted to give this to Tom DeLay’s lap dog, Rick Perry. I thought maybe he had worked up a big appetite up there on the Capitol so Governor Perry, AKA Tom DeLay’s lap dog in the Texas state Legislature, this box of dog biscuits is for you and I hope you enjoy it while you’re toiling away at a redistricting plan." Cute, or just stupid. You choose.

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Alex Baldwin? I heard he moved to Cuba after the 2000 Election. What gives?

Now I am certain one of the Baldwin brothers said he would leave the country if W were elected president. I am almost positive it was dim bulb Alec too. So why should we give any creibility to anything this guy says? And I want to assure you that here in Texas, he better keep those dog biscuits handy, because the only Democrat likely to be elected State-wide here would be running for dog catcher!

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