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Franch arrogance and French decline

This may be a pleasant way to start the week. Paul Webster writes in the London Observer about a France in decline. Apparently, there is much talk in France that is very critical of the country, its leadership, policies, both domestic and foreign, and most especially the French arrogance that continues to be hyperbolic. A good read, the essence: "Both pale into insignificance alongside L’Arrogance française, where the journalist authors, Romain Gubert and Emmanuel Saint-Martin, state: ’With our sermons, our empty gestures and our poetic flights, we (the French) have pissed off the planet. Worse: we make them laugh.

’It’s a sickness to which French people are addicted - believing that France must offer the world Light, Law and Liberty; that their leaders are the carriers of a universal message.’"

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Q: Why did the French plant tress along the Champs-Elysees?

A: So the German Army could march in the shade.

thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about the subject.

I first of all beg your pardon for the poor quality of my english because i am a french speaking african living in africa

I completly agreed with you saying that french are really arrogant. having the possibility to follow the french press (radio, tv news papers) i hate the way the french people think about them selves and their "art de vivre".

for the french, the most important think is the image instead of the effectiveness. They talk too much for nothing while their actions is week

I would like to tell you that those who think that all french speaking african are french alined are very wrong. Many young african now really hate the french policy in the continent and generally their way of live.

I support the american leaded coalition in iraq and i think that excluding french companies from rebuilding of iraq is justice. because, without participating to the effort (war) it is quite normal be exclude.
french always prefer eating with out working

thank you very much

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