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House Passes Partial Birth Ban

Fox News reports "[t]he bill, passed 281-142, could be taken up by the Senate as early as Friday." Should it ever be signed into law, an immediate court challenge has been promised.

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Safe?! SAFE?! Since when is any medical procedure completely without risk? Would they like the list of women who have died as a result of this "safe medical procedure"? I provided a short list to my US Women’s History class - I’ll be happy to pass it along.

Chabot (makes me proud to live in Ohio) is certainly correct! It is a type of infanticide. But the bill doesn’t do enough - not that NARAL and the ACLU would stand for my version of the bill. It has become "socially acceptable" for teens to be mothers - there is no longer a social stigma attached to unwed motherhood. As someone who cannot have a child, I sometimes find myself so angry at girls who abandon babies in vacant lots, in a trash dumpster, or suffocate them when they give birth. They have been told by an entire generation that this child is an inconvenience, a nuisance, something to be gotten rid of!! So they do without any regard for the tiny, fragile, percious life they have snuffed out. There is no respect for the unborn.

My version of the bill? Criminalize the action of a partial birth abortion against the mother, too. Politically incorrect, socially unpopular - fine. Give up the child - babies are always the first to go in adoption services (we are prospective adoptive parents due to health issues). And stop having babies before you’re ready. It is up to us, those of us who are in touch with teenagers, with children, to instill a different value system that had deconstructed our values for life. It has more quickly erroded in the last generation so that the current crop of teenies are defiant, rebellious and "give attitude" like we have never seen before. And part of that? Leave me alone to do what I want with myself - you can’t stop, you can’t control me, you can’t make a law that will control my behavior. Okay, so we’ve tried to legislate behavior and it doesn’t always work. But with the decision of Roe v. Wade (and Dee v. Bolton), we opened the floodgates of legal permissiveness - after all, the Supreme Court said I can.

I am saddened, so deeply saddened by this idea. And ACLU, the same organizaton that would protect a pedophile’s right to their lifestyle, would perpetuate the culture of death that persists and invades our society in insidious ways. It pulls down the walls, brick by brick. You would think, with a group that has advaocates minority rights in the past, that the ACLU would jump all over the protection of the unborn - the most vulnerable of all minorities. But we have set up a culture that maginalizes the unborn and the elderly or anyone not "hip" or "with it" or like them.

I am upset this morning, granted. But I am also frustrated. I can only instill my cultural values into my children, guide them, give them a good example and pray that they never stray. If they do, I will always be there to help them. I could not abandon my child like some unwanted creature to wither and die. Once you have a child, you are always a parent, even when they move out and grow up. Until the mothers see the difference in life and death, the evil that lurks will always affirm their choice to kill an innocent child, that it is their legal right and they can do it as often as needed. As laudable as a new law banning this hedious procedure is, it will NOT change the attitude, the mind, the heart. We have to do that, against all odds, against a culture that affirms negative behavior and "attitude" as socially acceptable. A culture that feeds off "Temptation Island" and other so-called reality shows that only praise the "me-first" attitude as a survival technique - backstabbing, lying, plotting and planning, manipulation. Turn off the TV, ditch the video games, unplug the computer and spend some time with your kids.

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