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Limbaugh Facing Drug Allegations

Fox News is now reporting that after resigning from ESPN yesterday, Rush Limbaugh now faces allegations that he has "illegally obtained and abused prescription painkillers in Florida."

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"I am unaware of any investigation by any authorities involving me. No governmental representative has contacted me directly or indirectly. If my assistance is required in the future, I will, of course, cooperate fully."

-Rush Limbaugh

To me, it sounds exactly like a Clintonian response that Rush used to criticize... Deny the investigation, not the allegations...

As a Rush fan, I’m getting rather frustrated with him.

"As a Rush fan, I’m getting rather frustrated with him."

Come, come, you can’t be serious! Do ya care to hear the facts before ya declare judgement day?

Serious, I figure somethin’ is really odd here. On the ESPN flap (go to Rush’s website and actually watch what he said... boy, is it lame), have you heard that Jeffery Lurie, the Eagles owner, is accusing ESPN of "institutional racism"? ESPN? You must be kidding. Go here and read how I blew my top with these morons on the night my Buckeyes played for the National Championship. ESPN is typically liberal. And somethin’ about all this stinks.

On the "drug abuse" charges, consider how the woman in question practically bragged that she was "wired" during this so-called investigation. And CBS radio reported that Rush supposedly got a shipment of about 10,000 pills from this woman in a single deal!

This all smells of rotting fishy to me. Especially considering that I think I know this Limbaugh fellow pretty well. At least in this regard... he’s not the type to play suicide games (which is what this all is if true). It ain’t in his history, family or otherwise, and it ain’t in the present, either.

Stay tuned, I think the gag is on the other side of the football on all this stuff. :)

Rush’s only mis-statement was to belittle McNab’s talent, which is huge. The NFL players do not vote non-talented folks into their Pro Bowl. McNab made it there on his merits, twice. I will grant, however, the Donovan has not been playing to his potential since last year’s playoffs, as the disasterous NFC Championship Game and his poor start this year, shows. As for the "affirmative action" effort by the Sports Media concerning black coaches and QBs in general, Rush was right on, he simply picked a bad example to broach the subject.

As for his drug abuse allegations, as I understand it he was supposedly ordering these scheduled "meds" over the Internet. That would be too stupid even for some Palm Beach County resident who voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000 when they actually wanted to vote for Algore! The "CI" accuser apparently lives near the National Inquirer, also. How convenient! If the Palm Beach Prosecuter is trying to make a case against Rush, I wonder how he feels about his "CI" witness getting paid by the National Inquirer for her exclusive story?

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