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Ted Kennedy To Receive George Bush Award

Here’s a reminder why the first President Bush was a one termer.

"The George Bush Presidential Library Foundation today announced that United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy would receive the 2003 George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service at a dinner ceremony held at the Bush Library Center on the Texas A&M campus on November 7." Here’s the whole report.

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I recall how Bush 41 whined about how he extended his hand to the Democrats and they "bit it." One has to wonder if in truth these Bush folks don’t get some sort of strange thrill out of these incessant kinder, gentler "new tones in Washington."

I can’t wait to see the video of this award presentation. That and the sure to follow tongue-lashing and Bush bashing that is sure to follow from the good senator Kennedy. What a hoot! I can just see all these Texas Republicans falling all over themselves to get a ripe photo op with the bastard child of Camelot.

One has to wonder whether this kind of "new tone" crap isn’t really a mask to hide the guilt and shame that being a conservative produces. Whereas the liberal’s guilt is always hidden in the axiom of "more money" and ever bigger government, a conservative seems to always be seeking to "just get along" while believing the other guy is going to grow up somewhere along the way. Frist bascially took this kind of path while standing by and watching the Democrats trounce Bush’s judicial nominees. One has to wonder what really lies beneath all that smirking cowboy bravdo, Bush displays.

What a pain it is waiting for someone to fight the good fight, huh?

"There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud." --Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-UI)

Only papa Bush could select someone who called his kid a liar and fraud, and who also "bad mouth" Texas to receive an Award for Excellence in Public Service, which will be presented to him in Texas. G. H. Bush might be considered totally politically "tone deaf"!

The 2 sins that cost George the First the White House in 1992 after having approval ratings in 1991 in the 90s, were breaking his "No New Taxes" pledge (he really did believe that Supply-side Economics was "voodoo"), and also alienating his Number 1 supporters in the 1988 campaign, the NRA, whose members "bullet balloted" him in 1992 for banning imports of H&K Semi-auto rifles and supporting other gun control efforts. Like Dole in 1996, papa Bush thought that a Republican could win after stiffing the pro-gun rights voters. Perhaps in California, but not nationally. Like the Democrats with the black voter, G. H. Bush thought the NRA vote had no where else to go. He found out that gun rights supporters aren’t like the blacks when it comes to voting for someone who they strongly backed, and who turned on them when he got in office.

G. W. Bush may experience a similar result if he continues to promote the re-authorization of the Federal "Assault Weapons Ban". That particular piece of legislation cost the Democrats the House after 40 years when they passed it in 1994. Even "Slick Willie" credited the NRA with that remarkable political feat. Too bad Bob Dole didn’t pay attention.

"What a pain it is waiting for someone to fight the good fight, huh?"

Actually, the real problem is that conservative Republicans don’t know that politics is really war, while leftist Democrats believe they in a struggle for "life or death". The last "real politician" the Republican’s had Nationally was Richard Nixon, and if you examine his record close enough, you will see that he was really a "leftist"!

In giving Ted Kennedy the award, Papa Bush eased his own guilt for having kept quiet about certain assassinations.

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