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I agree with Stewart that the coverage of the game and the commentary with it was not great; neither were the questions asked of the major players and the manager. Why is this? It has to do with two things: a lack of knowledge of the game, and a lack of poetry in the hearts of commentators. Even if they might know something of the game, they don’t give the impression that they love it. That’s a shame. I watched the game last night, and I thought it was high drama. This twenty two year old kid, this demi-god, pitched with Authority. He was very impressive. The Manager, Jack McKeon, said this of his young pitcher, Josh Beckett: "This guy has got the guts of a burglar."

Furthermore, when he was asked after the game how he felt about winning the World Series, etc., Beckett said something like this: I’m glad it’s over, now I can go deer hunting. Is this guy for real? Sonnets should be crafted for the man; nothing complicated, just something about being smarter than you have right to be at that age, something about being a craftsman, something about the simplicity of excellence, something about courage. And what about that kid Cabrera and the old gray head, McKeon, maybe something should be said about how crabbed age and youth can live together and prosper? Let’s have some analysis, some poetry I say! Let’s take the sport of Americans and talk about virtue. Here is Agamemnon to the Greek princes: "Distinction, with a broad and powerful fan/Puffing at all, winnows the light away,/And what hath mass or matter by itself/Lies rich in virtue and unmigled."

Here is Thomas Boswell’s attempt at poetry in the WaPo.

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Upon seeing her father, the might hero fallen, Cassandra went about the city saying,

"Come hither Trojans, men and women, and look on Hector; if ever you rejoiced to see him coming from battle when he was alive, look now on him that was the glory of our city and all our people."

And so are the lamentations of New York for the beloved Yankees this morning, fallen like Hector, breaker of horses.

Not bad, Nate. I used to be a Yankee fan, by the way, in my youth, when I was impressed by power, sheer power. It’s a great empire, not yet dead.

That is because ESPN and the Sportscenter mentality has diminished sports almost completely. You hear about going yard and other crap. I hate ESPN with all my energy.

N.B. I do like ESPN in Spainish because I don’t understand the language enough to hate what the announcers are saying.

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