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Bush as a Mongol

Here is a predictable Left-wing reaction to Bush’s Baghdad trip from London’s Left-wing, The Independent. Note that the title is "The Turkey has Landed," and the last line: "Some Iraqis were unimpressed. ’To hell with Bush,’ said Mohammed al-Jubouri. ’He is another Mongol in a line of invaders who have destroyed Iraq.’" Oh, sure. In 1258 Ghengis Kahn’s grandson took Baghdad. The Mongols were (typically, as always) extremely destructive. They built a pyramid of skulls of Baghdad’s scholars, religious leaders, and poets and deliberately destroyed the city’s canals. In 1401 the Mongols did it again under Tamarlane. They razed the city, built some more pyramids of skulls and destroyed hundreds of villages and towns. Yup, the Mongols are to be compared to the Americans. Good reporting.

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’He is another Mongol in a line of invaders who have destroyed Iraq.’"

I highly doubt that Mr. Jubouri was being literal. You do remember figurative speech, don’t you, Peter? Or were you being literal when you wrote some months ago that the Clintons had the souls of tyrants? Or is it that only U.S. Conservatives are allowed to use figurative speech?

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