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Bush’s Common Touch

Much has been made of Bush serving up Thanksgiving dinner to the troops in Baghdad, as though it was a calculated pose devised by his PR people. More likely it is the real Bush in action.

I was having dinner at Morton’s on Connecticut Avenue in Washington in early October, 2001--less than a month after 9/11--when Bush showed up with a small entourage to have his first dinner out since 9/11. (I took it as a good sign that he came to Morton’s, where one is assured of a large cut of red meat.)

The entire restaurant immediately rose to its feet and applauded, of course, and Bush waved in every direction. But instead of working the tables to shake hands with the self-appointed VIPs who habituate Morton’s, Bush went to . . . the kitchen, where he shook hands and greeted the wait staff and cooks at length. The man has a genuine common touch.

The contrast with what Clinton would have done (assuming he would even go to Morton’s) could not have been greater.

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Weak. Unless you were asleep between 1993 and January 2001, you know that Clinton was more about us "common folk" than Bush will ever be.

Clinton the commoner. Thanks; this helps explain why he vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard, spent every new year’s at Renaissance Weekend, loved Hollywood company most of all, and, ahem, dined at fancy french and italian restaurants (not steak houses) when he went out to dine in Washington.

Dude, don’t even make me remind you of Bush’s priviliged background. TRUST ME, you DON’T want me to go there.

And since when does dining at a French or Italian restaurant qualify one as overly cosmopolitan? And please furnish your evidence that Clinton NEVER went to a steakhouse during the 8 years he was president (yeah, I didn’t think so). Oh, and while we’re at it, can you remind me which President was famous for his love of Big Macs? It doesn’t get more "common" than that, Stevie.

But hey, I’ll humor you for a second. Let’s say that Bush really did spend all his time in the kitchen instead of shaking hands with all of the pretentious assholes in the dining room. But wait, weren’t YOU in the dining room? So what does that make YOU?

Come back any time you’d like me to force feed you a nice big plate of "shut the fuck up."

Decaf, dude.

Oh gee, how witty.

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