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David Broder and Dan Balz write a long story in the WaPo on how the nation is once again split on Bush. The latest poll shows his approval rating at 56%, yet the claim of the article is that we are back to the 50-50 division of 2000. While not persuasive, it is worth reading, in large measure because it reflects the elite media’s views of things. The New York Times notes that with the good economic news, the Democrats will have to re-calibrate their attack on Bush. Of course this means that for the next few months the question of jobs will take center stage, right behind the "quagmire" in Iraq. Wesley Clark accuses Bush of taking the United States into the Iraqi war under false pretenses. "It was a war that wasn’t necessary. It was a war that wasn’t planned well. It was a war that we fought without adequate forces on the ground. It was a war we fought without leveling with the American people about what was going to happen next." He is feeling his oats because he is now in the lead in South Carolina.
Howard Dean said: "I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. We can’t beat George Bush unless we appeal to a broad cross-section of Democrats." This did not amuse
John Edwards. He called it "offensive." In the meantime Mark Steyn continues to amuse and inform as he reflects on the Demos strategy, as well as on the meaning of "metrosexual." And, finally, Pat Buchanan reflects on CBS’s assassination of Ronald Reagan’s character. He’s right, it’s an outrage and it will have political consequences.

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