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CBS pulls Reagan miniseries

CBS has pulled the rabidly anti-Reagan mini-series and has licensed it to Showtime. It is aid that they lost $8 million over this fiasco. Gosh, what a shame! No doubt some large names (perhaps even Nancy) went to bat against CBS, but don’t think that the internet didn’t help. Some many thousands of people, knowing of the mischief so quickly, and then passing the word, must have had a great deal to do with it. This was one of those perfect manifestation of liberal arrogance gone over the deep end. But’ no doubt, the left will call this censorship and McCarthyism.

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"rabidly anti-Reagan?"

Sounds a little dramatic Peter... even for you.

The Chicago Tribune had an article about the whole mess this morning. It was, in my opinion, slanted considerably leftward. You may need to register to see the link, but here are a couple of gems from it:

"The debate over "The Reagans" has become a new skirmish in the nation’s culture wars, pitting Republicans and conservative pundits against a Hollywood they see as liberal and insensitive to the circumstances of the 92-year-old former chief executive."

"Critics are particularly concerned about a scene in which Reagan says about AIDS patients: "They that live in sin shall die in sin." Reagan never made such a public remark. While AIDS activists contend such a quote symbolizes Reagan’s slow response to the crisis, opponents of the CBS movie say it personifies liberal bias against him."

I don’t think critics are upset simply because the quote over AIDS "personifies liberal bias" but rather because it is false and historically undemonstrable!

Tribune Article

It was, in my opinion, slanted considerably leftward.

So in other words, it was honest?


Hardly. My point is that it consistently failed to identify the true reasons for the outrage over the series. It is not the conservatives were upset just because it is "liberal and insensitive to the circumstances of the 92-year-old former chief executive," but rather because it was filled with lies and half-truths. In essence, it is character assassination according to many commentators.

No, your point was that because it didn’t spin history to put the Reagans in a more favorable light, it was "slanted leftward."

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