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Oberlin’s sex night

Jean Pearce writes a shocking article on Oberlin College. Apparently, there is something called "Safer Sex Night" on campus, which includes a "Tent of Consent." Now, I am tempted to describe all this in detail, yet, I can’t. If you are interested in finding out what goes on there, you should read the article yourself. If you doubt the article’s veracity, you should glance at this article (1999) from the Oberlin College student newspaper that reports on the Safer Sex Night of that year. Isn’t the world interesting. Oberlin is about forty miles from here as the crow flies. I drove through it yesterday on my way to giving a talk to the Elyria Rotary Club.

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It’s pretty scary that a school such as this is 24th Nationally in US News’ rankings of Liberal Arts Colleges. Upon reading the article, one of my friends asked in disbelief, "This is in America?"

additionally they cannot reveal their nipples, what more do you want!!!..soon theyll be forced to dress in wool suits and wear gloves to shake hands! DIVVYS!

well it’s not fair to the indians who have strict parents! but they don’t have to know, so i guess i don’t mind.

yeah..haha my mom is just happy that i am safe and commends the college for its efforts to support such a cause when other institutions turn a cold shoulder.

This country is totally sexually repressed as it is. Seriously, if we weren't such an uptight country about some things and loose about others, we wouldn't have nearly as much alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, or drug addiction. In small doses, anything can be okay, and one night of the year, it should be okay for students to let loose. After all, who wants, really wants, to grow up to be one of those adults who says they wish they did more with their life? Go out and live it! Also, if you read the article, you would know that the school has alternate activities planned for that night for the students who don't feel like going, which is fine too. It just depresses me that the discovery of the teenage sex drive is "shocking."

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