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Slick Willie

I guess it was about 30 years ago that the Arkansas-Gazette reporter, Paul Greenberg, coined the nickname ’Slick Willie’ to describe Bill Clinton.

If you haven’t had a good dose of
’Slick’ lately, please read this interview from the latest ’American Prospect’ . It is a remarkable tour de force. Bill Clinton is a brilliant sophist. He gives the demos-agogos a bad name. Sorry Publius, but thank goodness for the 22nd Amendment.

Here’s a sample of Slick Willie’s self admiration: "Well, first of all I think the Democrats ought to all pocket some of the gains I made. They ought to say, "We’re the party that gave you responsible welfare reform. We’re the party that gave you fiscal responsibility, low interest rates and high growth. And we’re the party that gave you the weapons systems and the training programs that won in Iraq and Afghanistan." The question is, what do we do now?
[The Republicans’] argument to their base is gonna be, "We kept our promises. We promised to cut taxes as much on wealthy people as we could, and we did it. We promised to weaken environmental controls, and we did it. We promised to weaken labor regulations and put less money into workers’ safety and more money into investigating unions. We promised to put right-wingers on the court, and we’ve done it every chance we got. We promised to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and we did it, and we promised to undo everything Bill Clinton did, and we did a lot of that."

Brace yourself, Hillary will probably be President in 2008.

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