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Surfer and her faith

As you already know a young surfer had her arm bit off by a shark. Her name is Bethany Hamilton and she is 13 years old, and is, by all accounts a great surfer. She is recovering. I saw her two brothers interviewed this morning on NBC. They are two strapping boys, late teens or early twenties. Not especially well spoken, but clearly think highly of their sister. Matt Lauer asked how she was doing, etc. One of the brothers responded that she is doing well, is a very tough kid, and will be back surfing soon, he thought. Also, he said that he does not doubt that one of the causes of her ability to recover and keep going is that she believes in Christ. Matt Lauer ignored his remark, but the brother mentioned it again and said that she came by her faith honestly and naturally. It is hers and it is deep. Laeur continued to ignore the comment and was ill at ease. You want to bet that he wouldn’t have trouble having a converstaion with a Muslim about his faith?

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You want to bet that he wouldn’t have trouble having a converstaion with a Muslim about his faith?

Too bad the interview wasn’t about the sister’s faith in God. It was about a shark attack. Do you think anyone tuned in hoping to catch a juicy interview about the girl’s faith?

So because Lauer did his job as a journalist and didn’t allow the two brothers to hijack the interview so that they could cram their faith down the throats of 20 million Americans, Lauer is somehow pro-Muslim?

Get a f*cking grip, Peter.

I have to agree. Lauer doesn’t appear to have any problem talking about God/faith when its appropriate. This morning, he interviewed Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the US Episcopal Church. As you can imagine, the topics of God/faith came up several times, and Lauer did not ignore/turn away from any of the questions, or the bishop’s responses to them.

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