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The End of the West?

I like reading Thomas Friedman inThe New York Times and it’s not because he is deeply insightful or especially lucid. It is because he is--by and large--sensible, and always just two steps behind what he should have thought a year or so ago. He perfectly reflects intelligent liberal opinion (I stress intelligent). In this op-ed he claims that there really is a divergent interest between the Europeans (he means Old Europe, of course) and the U.S. It is, in short, the "end of the West" as we have known it. He had Carl Bildt, the former Swedish prime minister explain it to him. Oh, well, better than not knowing. 

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"He perfectly reflects intelligent liberal opinion (I stress intelligent)."

Peter Schramm, have you lost your mind? Friedman is just as nutty and destructive as the rest of those wackos:

"Imagine if tomorrow President Bush asked all Americans to turn down their home thermostats to 65 degrees so America would not be so much of a hostage to Middle East oil? Imagine if the president called on every U.S. school to raise money to buy solar-powered light bulbs for every village in Africa that didn’t have electricity so African kids could read at night?" -- Thomas Friedman December 9, 2001

"Where are the Democrats who are ready to argue forcefully that the future tax cuts that Mr. Bush pushed through are utterly reckless and need to be repealed — because they will erode the resources the government needs to remain a Great Power in this age of uncertainty? And they send a terrible signal to our kids, corporate leaders and the world: that all that matters is short-term, me-first gratification." -- Thomas Friedman October 6, 2002

There it is, modern-day liberal domestic and foreign policy in a nutshell (pun intended). Perhaps, not stressing "intelligent" would be a better way to put it? Or is intelligence now, like everything else, strictly relative?

Your favorite No Left Turns muckraker,

Marc S. Lamb

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