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Let me bring to your attention our new site (new appearance and much new substance) called Teaching American History. It is, we think, not only a lot more attractive than the old one, but more useful, with many new features added. Are you looking for an important document in American history? Here is George Washington’s Last Will and Testament, as an example. Are you interested in hearing a talk by some worthy? Here is Richard Ruderman on Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison. Are you interested in learning everything about the Constitutional Convention? Well, here is the site for the Constitutional Convention. And this is Gordon Lloyd’s introduction to the Convention. Maybe you want a very detailed day by day summary of the Convention. Or, how about James Madison’s Notes, divided by date. Remarkable stuff. And there is plenty more, don’t forget to click on the interactive Christy painting, or on the inteactive map of Philadelphia as it was during the Convention. I am especially interested in the City Tavern and the Indian Queen Tavern, where many good conversations and compromises took place. Wine and cider helps loosen tongues and make friends. If sack and sugar be a fault, God help the Framers! And, of course, you will also see all the upcoming seminars and summer institutes. Take a look and take your time.

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I’m not a teacher, just a history buff and a parent of two kids in public school. What a great program! I’d love to have someone from the Ashbrook Center on my morning show one day.

Keep up the great work.

One of the great delights of attending
teacher seminars or simply taking
advantage of the wonderful website
with its collection of documents and
audio recordings is that I get a
framework for studying history and
political philosophy that is rooted
in natural law, traditional virtues,
and American/Western founding
principles. I can assure you that at
Ohio State I received a sound history
master’s degree but with a healthy
dose of deconstructionism, postmodernism, skepticism, and
generally a relativistic education.
Finally, an education in reading the
primary sources and learning what
the Founders themselves said rather
than being an expert on the
historiography without actually reading
what Washington, Jefferson, Adams,
Madison, Lincoln, etc., wrote. Thank
you for the Ashbrook Center!!!

Tony Williams

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