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Berlusconi on Gaddafi

Daily Telegraph has a short note on Berlusconi from a few months ago and in the middle you find this: "A spokesman for Mr Berlusconi said the prime minister had been telephoned recently by Col Gaddafi of Libya, who said: ’I will do whatever the Americans want, because I saw what happened in Iraq, and I was afraid.’" I know, this sounds too good to be true, so it probably isn’t. Yet, it probably should be; twenty years of sanctions notwithstanding. I’ll let those who drink from deeper wells figure out the difference between final and efficient cause in this case. But what is clear is that they (Iraq and Gaddafi’s decision) are not, indeed they cannot be, disconnected. And see

Charles Krauthammer on the issue of whether this is a triumph of diplomacy or the aftershocks of war.

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Dr. Schramm--

Yes, I am one of the fortunate, my employer is open today, so I’m at work. At any rate, I noticed that this article was filed on "04/09/2003", assuming that it is British date format, this would be September 4th of this year. I can only imagine how much the events of the past four months have solidified these opinions in Gadaffi’s mind (especially the capture of Saddam). I believe that we are only a few months away from seeing the "Domino Effect" across the region.

It certainly appears that the Bush Doctrine is working as planned.

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