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Robert Bartley

Robert Bartley, the long-time editorial page editor of the ’Wall St. Journal’ has died at the age of 66. This ’Opinion Journal’ article gives a nice summary of his life and impact.

In a regime, where, as Abraham Lincoln said, public opinion is everything, Robert Bartley did more than anyone, and certainly more than any journalist, to guide and change public opinion on the most important matters.

He became the Editor of the Editorial Page of the ’Wall St. Journal’ in 1972. He along with Jude Wanniski, Arthur Laffer, and Robert Mundell became the chief spokesmen for what became known as supply-side economics. They refined and enlarged public opinion on economic matters. Without that refinement, there would have been no Reagan Revolution.

Under Bartley’s tutelage, the ’Wall St. Journal’ Editorial Page provided a daily dose of bracing common sense on all issues ranging from the Cold War, Domestic Policy, the corruption of Slick Willie, and the War on Terror.

This good man will be sorely missed.

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