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Sniping At the President’s Thanksgiving Trip

FDR misled reporters by first heading north on a train out of D.C., then transferring mid-track to a southbound train to Miami, from where he flew a multi-leg trip to get him to a now-famous meeting with Stalin in Casablanca. Presidents do that sort of thing, for security. But Reuters now is trying to claim that Bush’s stealth visit to Iraq was illegal because Air Force One filed a false flight plan. And that "lying to protect a photo op" will undermine the government’s credibility. Hmm. Perhaps it would be better if the White House never used deception in the conduct of the war. Publish troop movements in advance? Perhaps Reuters would be well to remember that, as Hamilton pointed out in Federalist 70, we set up the Executive the way we did so that it could operate with the "secrecy and dispatch" necessary to defend ourselves.

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You’re missing the entire point. Lying for a photo op is different that deception in the conduct of war.

Thats funny...I thought that President Bush was conducting a war! (of which maintaining troop morale is a necessary condition).

Riiiigggghhhht... now I’ve heard it all. Go ahead and believe whatever gets you through the night, man.

You NLT’s guys need to lighten up. The new "scandals" had me on the floor, rolling. Not you? How about "Turkey-gate"!!! Is that not hilarious? Or the fact that Air Force One pilots thought a pilot they heard over the radio was from British Airways but he turned out to be with another company. Ooohh! Just scandalous!! Not even the Presidents pilots can tell the truth!

I thought I’d heard it all when the Demobaathic front runner, in a fit of nostalgia, said we should work with the Soviet Union to get Iran to behave. Evidently the Left was only getting warmed up. I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

You’re a moron. THAT’s what’s next.

Bucktooth!! Your little comments are such a joy to read. But your far too terse. Please feel free to expand on your "ideas" a bit would prolong my mirth. I don’t think Schramm & co. will mind. There’s no limit is there? Anyway, I’ve been a moron as long as I can remember, so that can’t be next. But, n’en vous déplaise, I didn’t have to wait too long for what was next.. I won’t provide a hyperlink because everyone has heard of it by now -- but, Kerry’s pandering to the Rolling Stone readership by mixing vulgarity in with his usual innanity was fairly hysterical. The Left shouldn’t worry to much about getting shut out of American political life - they can always carry on as a comedic act;)

Evidently the italics thing didn’t work out for me. But we’ve already established that I’m a moron, n’est-ce pas?

...but we’ve already established that I’m a moron


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