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The Demos and soft-money

Dick Morris explains how the Democrats have built a soft-money lifeboat. And George Soros gives us some details of how and why he has thrown over $12 million at the Democrats, indirectly. Here is some more on Soros’
purchase of the Democratic Party.

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You mean, only the Democrats have wealthy donors? The horror? How do the poor Republicans get by with no wealthy donors??? Guess you haven’t been following DeLay’s smarmy way of getting around fundraising rules using children’s charities as a front... the reality is, both political parties are beholden to those with money... highlighting only the Democrats is a bit, shall we say, hypocritical... but hey, it’s your website.

With a few exceptions, it wasn’t the Republicans who just a couple of years back were making pious pronouncements about how the need for campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of soft money on the system. Well, McCain-Feingold passed, and now the Democrats are doing everything they can to get around it. The fact is that for years the Democrats have been far more dependent on soft money than Republicans have. Sure, the Republicans use soft money; the difference is that for the most part they don’t whine about its evils as they collect it.

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