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The Idiot Left in Action: Back to "Amerika"

The so-called "New" Left in the 1960s liked to spell America with a K, as in "Amerika." Very clever.

Well, see what something called the Independent Media Center has done with the Time magazine cover of America’s soldiers.

Anyone wanna bet these folks are Dean supporters? I may wander by their office next week and look for the Dean and Kucinich stickers.

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What a jackass... I speak entirely about the Dean supporters comment. Did you even bother looking at their site? This was my first time to YOUR site, and my first time to the DC Indymedia site, and in 2 seconds I managed to find a very anti-Dean commentary on their site. Here ya go:

After doing a quick alexa run, and noticing the sparse comments from readers I will attribute your ignorant comment to the possibility of you being new in the world of politics. I certainly hope so, because if you respond and inform me that you are a professor or lawyer or something, I might have a stroke... Might.

Oh well, that’s it for me..

p.s. I noticed after clicking on your name on the left that your posts seem to get glossed over quite frequently...

Xorfl, the ignorance is on your side.

Hayward is a professor and author of "The Age of Reagan", one of the most interesting reads you can find. I couldn’t put it down. For an 800 page book, that is unusual.

As for Indymedia and Dean, it looks like they consider him "Another Clinton" which in their view, means he is too conservative for them. However, Hayward’s point is still valid; the swastika picture was created by the "enraged left", and Dean supporters are generally part of the same group. However, he also mentioned Kucinich, and Indymedia loves Kucinich - here is a sample comment from Indymedia: "That guy is a friggin’ genius. If you haven’t heard his speech "A Prayer For America," I suggest you read it or if you can watch it."

Correction - Hayward is not a professor - (hence his relative sanity) He is a senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco, and Weyerhaeuser Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC.

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