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Clark still rising

Zogby tracking Poll has Dean ahead by three points. Dean has gone up one in the last few days. Zogby has undecideds at 14%. I think its higher. Rassmussen reports that Clark has gained in their national poll. Dean is at 21%, the lowest point for him, while Clark has moved up to 17%. Edwards has moved into third with 9%. Also note this report claiming that the Clintons are saying to friends that this is the key moment for the Clark campaign. Bill is making phone calls on his behalf, and is raising money.

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Here’s a challenge for my Republican pals. Let’s suppose that someone forced you to vote for President from among the existing pool of Democratic candidates this November. Who would you vote for, and why?

An interesting question. I’d vote for Al Sharpton. Sure, he’s a race-baiting media whore, but he’s damn funny! He’s the only thing that’s made the Democratic debates even remotely tolerable.

If forced to vote for one, I’d vote for Lieberman without much hesitation. He’s the only one of the Democratic field that appears to have any sort of idea what’s important internationally right now. Not only that but he’s fairly sane domestically as well. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t actually enjoy voting for him, but if the scenario is forcing me to pick one, he’s the one.

Sure, he’s a race-baiting media whore, but he’s damn funny!

At least now we know what motivated you to support Bush in the last election, John!

I’m just kidding. But I must say, that after your recent pleas for civil debate, that you’d have offered a more thoughtful response to my question.

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