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Cowboy Cloners

From cowboy poetry to cowboy cloning, British scientists are calling on nations and the international community to ban what they call "cowboy cloners" after Kentucky doctor Panos Zavos claimed on Saturday to have emplanted a cloned human embryo. According to Lord May of Oxford, the president of Britain’s Royal Society, "It is important therefore that every country introduces effective legislation to deter cowboy cloners."

In related news, the BBC has compiled a list of questions a cloned child might someday ask its parent(s), not the least of which being: "Mommy, why do kids call me Frankenstein?"

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Something to think about along the lines of the Midas question...
"nanoTranshumanism: Total Body Revision
Feel free to add your comments and your ideas about the ideal human body

Diamondoid teeth, self cleaning capabilities
Liver producing high quality cryoprotectants over cold behavior
A new intelligent blood system (vasculoid)
Automatic molecular hair cutting
Automatic hair colors changing
Aging/Disease less configuration
Automatic molecular nail cutting
Automatic molecular dust removal/destruction on skin
Automatic molecular fluids evaporation on skin
Diamondoid skin protecting against radiationss
non-oxygeneous environment capabilities
shear thickening skin fluid
Improved, huge Aerobic Oxygenation capacity system
Ultra smart molecular food selection
Ultra long night/day vision capabilities understand different radiations (X Ray etc..)
Mind Uploading capabilities
The possibility to never feel tired physically and mentaly
Compact, Powerful, Extensible Muscular Capacity
Accurate, Sharp on/off conscious capability
Powerful, Ultra Stiff bones
Powerful, Ultra Receptive, Self Cleaning ears
Automatic Rapid/Explosive Self formation of bones inside muscles
Explosive Smart molecular Auto Repair configuration
Powerful heart capabilities

Also you can come on this is my project. --Jonano"

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